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Saturday, February 25, 2012

I have a son and his name is Joah

Hi everyone, time to end my long silence with some good news.
We have a referral!!!

His name is Joah and he is a real doll baby. I wish I could post pictures but that will have to wait until he is ours. So to start with the good news. Our doc that looked at his medicals thinks he is right on target much as you can tell from a few pictures. So that was great to hear, but she had some concerns to share as well. Joah's weight when he was born was within a normal range but he has not been gaining weight as he should. In fact, he only weighs 7.88 lbs at three months. Now you could say, well most babies in Ethiopia are malnourished and that is true but Joah has been receiving plenty of food in the care center where he has lived almost since birth.

So what is causing him to lose weight? At this point we don't know but we are hoping to have more answers in a few days.

I have struggled with a little bit of self pity...sounds selfish I know. I keep wondering why God seems to think that we can handle another baby with special needs. I guess I thought that I was due for an easy baby. Having said that Jeff and I talked last night and we both agreed that even had we known about Joah's health concerns we would still have wanted him in our family. So I am resting in the peace that God has given about our decision.

Whatever happens, this I know. I have a son and his name is Joah. Even if I never get to see him in this life. I know we will meet in heaven someday.

Please, please join us in praying Joah home!

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  1. BIG congrats!

    It'll be fun following your journey!